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Title:                          Assistant Accountant

Responsible to:         Directors of the company, Office Manager

Co-ordinate with:      Directors of the company, Finance, HR & Administrative Teams, Managers, Suppliers and Customers.

Main purpose:           Provide support to the Financial Controller and Directors and facilitate the efficient operation of the finance function and oversee the daily administrative affairs within the company.



Principle Responsibilities




  1. Ensure that strong financial controls are present throughout the business and all accounting and financial records are completed and updated by agreed deadlines.
  • Monthly management accounts by 20th of each month
  • Quarterly managements accounts by the 20th Jan, 20th Apr, 20th Jul, 20th Oct
  • Annual financial Statements for audit by 30th Oct
  1. Support in the preparation of annual budgets and forecasts for the business, agree with directors and present to bank by 30th Jun annually.
  2. Liaise with HM Revenue & Customs and Government Agencies, maintaining all relevant records; make returns and payments correctly and on time.
  3. Report to Directors/Financial Controller on all financial matters relating to the company.
  4. Regularly review procedures, controls and reporting models amending and improving processes.
  5. Assist in implementing a quality management system utilising key performance indicators.
  6. Actively promote, motivate, and propagate all aspects of the business.
  7. Assist in recommendations to the directors to facilitate the achievement of sales and profit targets.



Accounting, Finance & Administration


  1. To oversee the computerised accounting system and ensure that it is kept updated on a day-to-day basis.
  2. To supervise and oversee the accounts support staff and ensure all accounting matters are dealt with expeditiously and correctly.
  3. To suggest accounting and IT controls as necessary to ensure that the financial wellbeing of the company is maintained.
  4. To assist the Financial Controller in the preparation, analysis, and presentation of monthly Management Accounts to the Board of Directors and aid in strategic planning for the business.
  5. To oversee and ensure stocktaking procedures are adhered to, targets are achieved, and all variance/anomalies are reported immediately.
  6. Ensure all purchasing procedures are followed and all purchases of goods not for resale and above the agreed limit are passed to the directors to be sanctioned before purchase.
  7. Adhere to company policy on customer credit and ensure all credit facilities are strictly operated within their terms.
  8. Ensure expenses/overheads are kept under control and notify the managing director as soon as a deficit or anomaly becomes apparent.
  9. Ensure closing procedures, period ends, and computer backups are carried out as per procedures and all reports are filed correctly.
  10. Ensure all cash handling procedures are adhered to and at the end of every day lodgements are deposited at the bank.
  11. Monitor creditors for payment and ensure that all payments are duly counter signed as laid down in the terms of the bank mandates.
  12. Monitor and liaise with, persons responsible for debtors and ensure all invoices are raised immediately, accounts are operated in order and credit terms adhered to and corrective action taken when necessary.
  13. Monitor and liaise with persons responsible for cash reconciliation and bank lodgements and ensure all are in order and systems adhered to.



Human Resources


  1. Ensure that the Finance team adds value to the organisation and develop individuals within the team.
  2. Ensure that staff are motivated and team spirit is promoted and a good working environment is developed in an atmosphere conducive to the highest standard of workmanship, customer service and sales.
  3. Ensure you are conversant with relevant employment law, Health and Safety regulations, human rights issues and company procedures and implement them when dealing with employees.
  4. Ensure due diligence procedures are followed by all staff.
  5. Ensure that all personnel records are correct, filed and periodically reviewed in relevance to job description, terms of employment and salary and all employee/employer information is gathered and distributed correctly.
  6. To oversee that the staff salaries/wages are calculated correctly, processed, and paid weekly/monthly to each employee.
  7. To oversee that all computerised wages records are kept correctly, and all returns and payments are made to the relevant bodies on time.
  8. To undertake any training or examinations that would help promote you as a financial manager and employee.
  9. Deliver any training to staff or trainees that your previous experience may allow you to do so.
  10. Use SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed, attainable and achievable, Realistic and resourced, Time-bound) objectives.





  1. To deputise for the directors in their absence to ensure that the business needs and that of its employees are always to the forefront.
  2. To comply with all company policy and rules.
  3. Adapt and work cross functionally within any other functions that may be required of you by the directors (within competency).
  4. Full clean driving licence is mandatory with this position.



To apply please forward CV to