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Department:              Moran’s Retail Ltd                   

Title:                            Banking Cashier 

Responsible To:          Senior Banking Cashier, Financial Controller

Co-ordinate With:     Senior Banking Cashier, Financial Controller, Management team, Administrative Teams, General Managers.

Main Purpose:           Assist in the company banking cashier function


Principal Responsibilities




  1. Ensure a structured cash system is present and is adhered to within the company and all records are completed and updated on a regular basis.
  2. Report to the Senior Banking Cashier / Financial Controller on all financial issues within the company group as a whole.
  3. To ensure and develop a good working environment within the store.


Banking / Accountancy


  1. Ensure all cash handling procedures are adhered to and at the end of every day lodgements are deposited at the bank.
  2. To ensure that the change procedure is carried out efficiently and that security measures are adhered to.
  3. Ensure all sales reconciliations procedures are carried out as per company procedures and are resolved at the end of each week.
  4. To ensure that cash reconciliations are carried out as per company procedures.
  5. To ensure that credit cards, fuel cards and top-up’s are reconciled to invoices and discrepancies are reported and resolved promptly.
  6. Ensuring till discrepancies are dealt with promptly and efficiently.
  7. To ensure that all relevant paperwork is filed in the correct location.
  8. Ensure a good knowledge of the back office systems
  9. To ensure that the customer accounts are allocated and invoices / statements are printed monthly.
  10. To ensure closing down procedures, period ends and computer backups are carried out as per procedures and all reports printed and filed.
  11. To provide a friendly, efficient and polite service to all customers at all times.
  12. To ensure that Health and Safety standards are maintained within your section.
  13. To comply with all company rules as per terms and Conditions of Employment.
  14. To ensure company uniforms are worn at all times and that personal hygiene is of the highest standard.
  15. To ensure that your work area is in a tidy and clutter free
  16. Attend weekly staff meetings.




  1. To comply with all company policy and rules.
  2. Any other functions that may be required by the owner (with in competency).


Benefits Package:

  1. 28 days paid holiday each year
  2. Excellent employee development and training opportunities
  3. Opportunities for promotion and transfer across the group as it continues to expand
  4. Competitive rates of Pay

Typical Working Hours:

  1. Alternate weekends
  2. Approximately 16-20 hours per week
  3. Can be flexible upon agreement

We undertake to notify all employees at least 3 weeks in advance of their work schedule.


Job Specifications:


  1. Computer competency including Microsoft Excel and Word.
  2. Minimum 1 years Cash Handling experience
  3. Access to transport for travel between Stores.

To apply please forward CV to