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Job Title: Trainee Supervisor

Location: Morans Centra, 139 Strand Road, Derry BT48 7PB

Job Type: Full Time


Job specification

As a motivated and motivational individual, you will relish the opportunity to train, manage and coordinate communications between management, staff and customers. You are likely to already have a proven experience in a supervisory role or several years experience and will have the strong and dynamic personality necessary for such a rewarding role. Clean driving licence and access to a vehicle is essential.


Key Skills:

  • Ability to demonstrate supervisory skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Management skills
  • A high standard of personal presentation
  • Confident, professional and welcoming personality
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Team worker

Benefits Package:

  • Excellent rates of pay.
  • 28 days paid holiday each year
  • Excellent employee development and training opportunities
  • Opportunities for promotion and transfer across the group as it continues to expand

Typical Working Hours:

  • 32+ hours / Alternate weekends
  • Shift: 4pm - 2am
  • Transfer across the group (Coleraine, Ballykelly) to cover holidays etc.

Principle Responsibilities




  • Ensure merchandising and presentation of the Store is of the highest standard at all times.
  • Implement and maintain a high standard of customer service and report all quality control issues to the General Manager.
  • Ensure HACCP procedures are practised, the level of hygiene is of the highest standard throughout the store and Hygiene regulations and company procedures are implemented. Also ensure the store achieves the minimum overall grade required for Hygiene Mark approval or other hygiene monitoring system in place.
  • Ensure every thing possible is done to achieve sales and profit targets.
  • Actively promote, motivate and propagate all aspects of the business.
  • To ensure and develop a good working environment within the store.
  • To ensure all security procedures are followed and CCTV system is fully operational and recording at all times.

Human Resources

  • To motivate and promote team sprit among staff and develop a good working environment and an atmosphere conclusive to the highest standard of workmanship, customer service and sales.
  • Actively train, develop and ensure all staff follows procedures.
  • To ensure Due Diligence procedures are followed by all staff.

  • You learn and seek advice with regard to relevant employment law, Health and Safety regulations, human rights issues and company procedures and implement them when dealing with employees.
  • Attendance, timekeeping and breaks are adhered to as agreed with centre owner and any problems or changes from the agreed rota are recorded and reported to the personnel department/ proprietor immediately.

    Assume responsibility for:
  • Ensuring disciplinary rules and procedure are followed and adhered to.
  • Notifying the general manager immediately of any disciplinary action to be taken as detailed in disciplinary procedure.
  • Consulting with manager/ personnel officer/ proprietor all facts before progressing to, or beyond stage one of the company’s disciplinary procedure.



  • To assume responsibility for stock, ensure stocktaking procedures are adhered to, targets are achieved and all variance/anomalies are reported immediately.
  • Insure all invoices are raised immediately and as dictated by company procedures.
  • You must adhere to company policy on customer credit and insure all credit facilities are strictly operated with in there terms. You do not have authority to offer or pass customer credit.
  • Ensure all purchasing procedures are followed and all purchases of goods not for resale and above an agreed limit are sectioned before purchase.
  • Ensure all promotion procedures are followed and accurate and complete records are kept. .
  • Ensure all cash handling procedures are adhered to and at the end of every day and if part if your duties lodgements are deposited at the bank.
  • To ensure closing down procedures, period ends and computer backups are carried out as per procedures and all reports printed and filed.
  • To attend weekly management sales meeting and chair these meetings in the absence of the proprietor or General Manager.



  • Ensure you are on site at all agreed times
  • To assume the responsibility in the absence of the proprietor, General Manager.
  • To comply with all company policy and rules.
  • Any other functions that may be required by the owner (with in competency).

We undertake to notify all employees at least 3 weeks in advance of their work schedule.


To apply:

Please complete our application form by selecting 'Apply Now' below and return via Email: Post: Moran's Head Office, 139 Strand Road, Derry~Londonderry, BT48 7PB or you can return your completed application form into a Moran's store which is most convenient to you.  


For all enquiries please feel free to call us on (028)71273000