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Department:              Moran’s Retail Ltd                    

Title:                           Banking Cashier Manager

Responsible to:         Financial Controller, Proprietor

Co-ordinate with:     The Proprietor, Finance, HR & Administrative Teams, General Managers, Cashiers, Assistants, Suppliers and Customers.

Main Purpose:          Assume ownership of the overall company banking cashier function


Principle Responsibilities




  1. Ensure that a structured cash system is present throughout the business, all takings are lodged daily and all accounting and financial records are completed and updated on a daily basis.
  2. Report to the Financial Controller / Proprietor on all financial issues within the company group as a whole.
  3. To ensure and develop a good working environment within the store.
  4. Regularly review procedures, controls and standards. Agree amendments and processes improvements with Proprietor/Financial Controller and implement.


Banking / Accountancy

 Throughout the company:

  1. Monitor and liaise with all banking cashiers or persons responsible for cash reconciliation and bank lodgements to ensure all systems are adhered to.
  2. Ensure all cash handling procedures are adhered to and at the end of every day lodgements are deposited at the bank.
  3. Ensure all sales reconciliations procedures are carried out as per company procedures and are resolved at the end of each day/week.
  4. Ensuring till discrepancies are dealt with promptly and efficiently, procedures are followed and up dated daily.
  5. Ensure all vouchers, Lotto sales, pack settled, scratch card etc are reconciled, recorded and discrepancies are reported and resolved promptly as procedure. 
  6. Credit cards, fuel cards, top-ups are reconciled to invoices and discrepancies are reported and resolved promptly
  7. Ensure wet stock procedures are followed, records are up to date and accurate.
  8. To ensure that all relevant paperwork is filed in the correct location.
  9. To ensure that the customer accounts are allocated and invoices / statements are printed and sent monthly.
  10. Ensure that the change procedure is carried out efficiently and that security measures are adhered to.
  11. Ensure a good working knowledge of the back office systems
  1. Audit present systems within the cash handling department to ensure they are still relevant.
  2. Ensure that all accounting and financial records are completed and updated on a regular basis.
    1. you are conversant with and seek advice with regard to relevant employment law, Health and Safety regulations, human rights issues and company procedures and implement them when dealing with employees.
    2. staff levels are maintained at agreed levels and the Personnel Department/Proprietor are informed of expected vacancies so recruitment can be implemented.
    3. the staff rota is prepared at least three weeks in advance and and all cashiers notified.
    4. the rota is ready for approval no later than the Monday prior to posting.
    5. Wages are kept within agreed budgets.
    6. attendance, timekeeping and breaks are adhered to as agreed with centre owner and any problems or changes from the agreed rota are recorded and reported to the personnel department/ proprietor immediately.
    7. staff reviews/ appraisals are carried out to agreed time limits and all personnel records are correct and filed.
    8. ensuring disciplinary rules and procedure are followed and adhered to.
    9. notifying the general manager immediately of any disciplinary action to be taken as detailed in disciplinary procedure.
    10. Consulting with manager/ personnel officer/ proprietor all facts before progressing to, or beyond stage one of the company’s disciplinary procedure.
  1. Work closely with the Financial Controller providing daily and monthly reports as requested.
  2. Ensure closing down procedures, period ends and computer backups are carried out as per procedures and all reports printed and filed.


Human Resources

  1. To motivate and promote team sprit among staff and develop a good working environment and an atmosphere conclusive to the highest standard of workmanship, customer service and sales.
  2. Actively train, develop and ensure all staff follows procedures.
  3. To ensure Due Diligence procedures are followed by all staff.
  4. Ensure;
  1. Assume responsibility for;



  1. To comply with all company policy and rules.
  2. Any other functions that may be required by the owner (with in competency).


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