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Moran’s Retail are looking for 30 of the best in their latest recruitment drive. 


As a fast paced and dynamic North west based company they require people with diverse skill set - from cleaners to van drivers, chefs to IT specialists ranging in age from 16 years old to 80 for their Centra Strand Road, Centra Coleraine and Supervalu Ballykelly stores.


Donna Moran talked to Local Women about what the company looks for in its staff members and what employees can expect.“We are very passionate and dedicated to our staff at Moran’s Retail,” said Donna. “Without them, there would be no us!“At Moran’s we like to empower people to do their job and work as part of a team. We give our staff career opportunities as far as development within store and moving into senior roles and we encourage them to grow and develop within the company.”


There is no one better to ask what it’s like to work for Moran’s Retail than some of its members of staff so Local Women met up with Phil and Julie-Anne at Centra Coleraine.“I love all aspects of my job,” said Phil who has been with Moran’s for 14 years. “From my point of view I was empowered and encouraged by Donna and John.“Moran’s value their staff and you get opportunities to advance your career. I started out as a Duty Manager and now I’ve moved up and I’m General Manager."To anyone applying to join the team I would say you need to be positive, adaptable, flexible and be able to get on with both customers and work colleagues.”


Phil’s co-worker Julie-Ann agreed. “I’ve been working for Moran’s for 11 years now and I love it!“John and Donna always inspire you to do more and be more. It’s a really great place to work and they are very flexible and they do try to accommodate you. It’s a team effort at Moran’s and weall work together to achieve our goals.“I don’t think I would ever want to leave here because Moran’s can’t do enough for all their staff.”


As well as being flexible with their staff, Moran’s invest in them through various training courses and apprenticeships.“We don’t just offer in-house training,” said Donna. “We have a number of external apprenticeship courses they can complete.“We enable staff to get NVQ qualifications in the likes of Food Retailing, Food Handling, Butchery and Supervisory courses.”


The Centra Strand Road store is currently undergoing a ‘reinvention’,  with the old store totally demolished to make way for a state-of-the-art store which will open in March. Despite the closure, all staff were accommodated within the other stores to ensure no loss of earnings during the re-development.Natalie and her colleague Emma moved to Centra Coleraine during this period and Local Women caught up with them.“I just love my job,” said Natalie who has worked for Moran’s for almost 11 years and is a Night Manager.“Donna and John empower me to do my job. They are great communicators and we are like one big family.“I always thought I would have pursued a career in the area I did my degree in, however, I love it at Moran’s so much I don’t want to leave.”


Emma works on the Deli counter and has been with Moran’s for nearly 16 years. She added: “I love working for John and Donna. They support me so much and always have done, especially when I had my children. They enabled me to move from full time to part time and they support the hours I want to work. I am so excited and can’t wait for the new shop to open in Strand Road.”


The understanding John and Donna have for their staff and their passion to see them succeed resonates throughout all the Moran’s stores. In Supervalu Ballykelly we caught up with Edele and Margaret who agreed with their colleagues that Moran’s is a great company to work for.“I’ve worked for Moran’s almost 4 years,” said Edele. “Up to now I have been a sales assistant but recently they have given me much more responsibility. There are opportunities to progress your career within the store and that’s what is happening with me at the moment.“It’s just a lovely place to work and John and Donna are so supportive of all their staff.”


Margaret who has worked for Moran’s for two years added: “They are a great company to work for and are very flexible with regards your hours. “They look after their staff well and I enjoy working here. We have a great team and you are encouraged to be the best you can be.”


So if you think you have the qualities to be part of the Moran’s team and want to enjoy fantastic training opportunities and develop your career, apply today - what are you waiting for!